Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey guys, how's it going?! 

Welcome to my blog! Since this is my first ever blog post, I thought I should tell whoever's reading, a little bit about myself. 
I am 19 years old and was born in Vancouver, Canada. I have a dog named Saki, and a cat named Baby. 

I just started a YouTube Channel about a month ago with my best friend, Rachelle. Watching all of the great YouTubers, such as Pewdiedie, Zoella, Shane Dawson, Tanya Burr and so many more, got us inspired to start our own channel. 

So far, it's been great, we're both enjoying it so much! We're very committed and proud of the work that we have put into it so far. I really never thought that I would have YouTube as one of my main hobbies, but now that I've started, no matter how many people are watching, I don't want to stop. 

At the moment, I am working with my mom, in home. We run a licensed daycare together. I've always loved kids, I volunteered at a daycare when I was younger and I guess it just stuck. Everyday is so different and I never know what to expect. One day, I'm baking brownies, and making new crafts with the kids, the next, I'm literally washing poo off the floor. Don't ask. 
It's such a rewarding experience and I'm really fortunate to be doing what I really enjoy. 

Though YouTube is now going to be a big part of my life, I do have other hobbies. If you live in Vancouver, you have to be a mountain freak. Some people ski or snowboard, others mountain bike. Though I'm not very good, I love snowboarding. It's so calming and exciting at the same time. It was another thing I never thought I'd find myself doing. I'm very cautious and have never participated in many sports, but being a Vancouverite I guess I had to give in sooner or later. 
Another hobby I have is cooking and baking. I love to blast music and spend a few hours in the kitchen, I also find that calming. I may even post some recipes on here if I think they're unique or exciting enough! 

Well I think that's enough of an intro! Hopefully you're not asleep yet! I'll try to write as often as I can about as much of a variety of things I can. Thanks for reading! Bye guys! x 


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