Monday, 21 April 2014

Was stuck in a rut

Have you been feeling down in the dumps? A little melancholy? Maybe even, dare I say it, depressed? Well same here guys, same here. The awkward transition from winter to spring isn't exactly helpful. If you live in an oceanic climate, like myself, you can experience rain for over 160 days in the year. This means that you are probably quite familiar with the lousy feeling that comes along with this weather. So like probably a lot of other people in this city, I have had to pull myself out of the awful rut that can be very difficult to get out of. After a few weeks of basically doing nothing except working and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, I dug myself out of that hole, closed Netflix, and put on some real pants. (Unlike the sweats I'd been wearing)

First, my boyfriend took me to one of my favorite places: Fort Langley. Why is it my favorite place you ask? Well not only is the scenery beautiful, the people friendly, and there is a variety of shops, but there is one thing there that no one should ever resist: grilled cheese. Fort Langley is the home of the greatest grilled cheese joint imaginable! 

This place has a variety of unbelievably delicious grilled cheeses. The one that I always get includes turkey. Need I say more? Nothing brings up my mood more than one of these sandwiches. 

That was only the beginning of my great week. At work that week, (I work in a daycare) it was time to get started on some Easter crafts. Doing crafts with kids is one of the most fun things anyone can do. I started off with finding a basket project online, it was surprisingly easy, and they turned out pretty well. 

After that, we dyed some eggs, set up an Easter egg hunt, and I probably ate way more chocolate then I should have...

After a great week of crafts with a bunch of adorable kids, it was the long weekend! Even with a job as great as mine, I really appreciate a long weekend. I was so excited to finally do something fun, and guess what the weather called for all weekend? You guessed it, RAIN! I was so sick and tired of letting the nasty weather get to me. I called up Rachelle and we decided to get our butts outside, no matter how bad the weather. Off to downtown Vancouver we went. We were in need of some retail therapy. We thought that getting downtown would be simple, but when is anything ever easy for us? We had to take the sky train to get there, and ended up getting off at the wrong stop, and basically were lost for the majority of the day. Yes, we have both lived here our whole lives, and yes, we both have been downtown many times, but boy, we were hella lost. Every time we needed to choose a direction to go, we chose the wrong one. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Despite our inability to navigate ourselves, we still managed to have a great day. 

After our adventure downtown, we made our way home and parted ways. That night, my family was coming over for Easter dinner. We usually have a big, semi-sophisticated  dinner, but this year, everyone agreed that I should make pizza. It was so great to see my brother and sister. It had been so long since I had seen them last. They decided, what better way to spend quality time together then to take me out driving for the first time. I was incredibly nervous but also very excited to have the opportunity to get to go with both my siblings. I had the best time, and didn't do too bad if I do say so myself. I can't wait to go out with them again! 

The next day, I went shopping with my mom and grandma. We had a great time just fooling around in a bunch of random shops. We went to Pier One Imports, Chapters, Michaels, and IHop for lunch. I bought the most delicious cookies at Chapters. Chocolate covered Oreos. Jealous? 

After that, I spent the rest of my weekend at my boyfriends house, relaxing and playing video games. A perfect end to a perfect weekend. So, I guess the whole point to this blog post, was to teach you how to get yourself out of a rut. I'm not saying this will work for you, but I am saying to get off your butt and do something you enjoy. Get yourself outside. Enjoy yourself. The hardest part is getting up, but once you're up, you're up, and it's easy. Hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely week, and maybe it can inspire you to get out there too. Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend! Talk soon guys! Bye!! 


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